September 27 , 2017 |

Trusted Labs Silver Sponsor and speaker at EUW 2017!

Meet us next week at the upcoming European Utilities Week 2017 conference in Rai, Amsterdam, 3 – 5 October, and hear from our experts both in the summit and hub session.

How to democratize the Energy Sector

Debate with Aline Gouget in the Summit Panel Session at 5pm on October 3rd

Learn about the implications of blockchain technology on privacy and security, as well as the different levels of transparency required according to the energy use-case.
This presentation is part of the “Digitalisation Summit Panel Session 13, Technology and Innovation, thinking ahead: Democratizing Energy”.

Smart metering Solutions: A hacker’s Perspective

Join Nicolas Viot in the Hub Session 23 @ 2pm October 4th

  • Hear about the different viewpoints vis à vis security: utility, device manufacturer, hacker
  • Learn about the attack scenarios and potential impact
  • Get recommendations on key elements in designing secure smart metering solutions.

This presentation is part of the “Grid Intelligence Session 23 hub session starting at 2pm October 4th.

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