February 7 , 2017 |

Join us at Mobile World Congress 2017

BARCELONA, 27 February – 2 March, HALL 2 STAND 2J29


Find out the latest from our experts about how to mitigate the security risks in the ever evolving landscape of the internet of things, smart energy, home automation and the world of the connected car.

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Mobile  has become a key element in emerging innovations, people are increasingly engaging in more innovative connected services that make their life easier. With this expanding connectivity come more questions about security and privacy. The internet of things has brought new opportunities, connected car, smart energy, home automation and with it new security challenges.

  • How confident are you in the security of your mobile connected solutions be it in the car? on the phone, or at home?
  • Have you set the appropriate security objectives? Have you identified the risk vulnerabilities your solution is exposed to?
  • What are the real-world attacks that you may run? How can you protect your solutions deployed to ensure that your brand and reputation stay safe? and what do you need to identify in order to choose an appropriate security strategy, such as a certification scheme?
  • Do you know how to measure and control security over time?

Questions and answers that Trusted Labs  security experts can help you with. So drop by and join us in Hall 2- 2J29, ask the hostesses to point you towards Trusted Labs.

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