Management Team

Brigitte D’Heygère

For 25 years, Brigitte has been leading teams to success by infusing them with her energy and positive mindset. Her experience in the smart card industry goes back 26 years and includes both technical and marketing jobs covering the telecom, banking, and strong authentication markets.

Under Brigitte’s guidance, the first SIM card was developed and the USIM card, which enables Internet access from mobile handsets, was defined and launched. Brigitte also contributed to defining the EMV standard for banking cards back in the ’90s and successfully managed Gemalto’s subsidiary in Sweden for 3 years.

Brigitte enjoys innovation and multi-cultural environments.

Today Brigitte leads Trusted Labs’ vision of enabling trust in the connected world.

Stavia Salomon
Sales Director

Over her 12 years’ experience in selling IT security services, Stavia has covered a wide range of topics including vulnerability and cybecrime watch, RSA style, and penetration testing. She is a former strategic consultant, is fluent in three languages, and has degrees in chemistry and marketing management.

Working with her expert colleagues, some of whom have launched world premieres unmatched so far, motivates her.

Today Stavia builds and leads the Trusted Labs sales team, and packages our consulting offers, to allow ever more clients to define and meet their security goals.

Mohaned Kafi
Chief Technology Officer

For the last six years, Mohaned has been managing people, and for 13 years he has been ensuring the security of IT products. He has implemented sophisticated attack methods, managed an evaluation laboratory, and made sure that NFC SIM cards reached the required security levels and obtained the necessary certifications.

Mohaned is passionate about teamwork – which he believes makes us more intelligent and powerful – and security, because of its wide-reaching nature involving mathematics, physics, computer science and human subjectivity.

Today he leads Trusted Labs’ technical team, fostering its excellence through his comprehensive vision of security.

Nicola Joels
Marketing and Communications Director

Nicola Joels has 16 years of experience in Marketing and Communications. Nicola has a variety of expertise in both corporate and regional marketing communications roles and has worked in many business segments of Gemalto. Having world first experts at her side is motivating and she enjoys working as a team to make a difference. A BA Hons first graduate from the business school of Swansea, Wales, Nicola likes to aim high and meet goals through commitment and passion.