Our Company

Enabling trust in the ever-growing connected world

Our purpose

Trusted Labs is the security partner for a raft of major organizations that design, develop, evaluate and integrate connected solutions. Our partners turn to us at any stage of the product cycle for trusted services that strengthen the security of their multi-application products and remote systems.

Moreover, we help certification and industry bodies worldwide set and achieve their security objectives by designing the necessary methodologies, processes and tools, thus helping enhance trust in the connected world.

Over 15 years of recognized achievements have consolidated our expertise in terms of security for embedded systems and solutions, and underpin our leadership in the definition of certification schemes currently in use as international standards for the banking, telecom, transportation and mobile markets.

Why we exist

Trusted Labs is committed to enabling trust – and it takes a whole ecosystem to do that. This is why we go beyond most security consulting companies.

We not only advise companies on how to define, achieve, and evaluate the security of their products and solutions; we also advise the organizations that are ultimately responsible for deciding what kind of security is required by the industry, and whether a specific product or service meets those requirements. And we are leaders in this.

We use this leadership position to support companies in a wide range of industries to meet the security requirements we have helped to define. We enable companies to create more security, and to earn trust.

Serial innovators

Founded by PhDs in formal methods with backgrounds in both research and industry, Trusted Labs has consistently supported its partners in reaching the highest levels of security through innovative methodologies and certifications. We have achieved a series of world-first evaluations, which foster trust and confidence in our partners’ new products and services.

Since its creation, Trusted Labs has contributed to reinforcing security in the connected world.