Our Customers

Trusted Labs is the security partner of organizations that design, develop, evaluate and integrate connected solutions. We also help certification and industry bodies set and achieve their security objectives. Our customers hail from a wide range of sectors.

Secure ElementS Providers

If you manufacture smart cards or their components, you need to define your security goals, implement them, and assess whether your products meet them. Trusted Labs has already helped smart card manufacturers achieve the highest levels of security assurance, and can accompany you too in making secure products that will be trusted.

Providers of mobile & connected devices

Mobile & connected devices are at the cutting edge of innovation. If you develop or integrate such devices or their components, you must ensure that they are secure. Trusted Labs has already helped to define security certification schemes and develop reference implementations for innovative applications and components. We accompany you in all the phases of securing your products and services so that you too can launch your innovations securely.

Service Providers

Whether your service is in banking, transportation, telecom, e-signature, healthcare, or other security-sensitive services, you need to define your security goals, implement them, and assess whether your services meet these goals. Trusted Labs supports you at any stage of the life cycle so you can offer secure services that will be trusted.

Certification Authorities

Trusted Labs is a world leader in defining security certification schemes. If you establish what is secure and what is not – whether you are a standardization body, an industry body, or a mobile network operator – our experts can help you define security requirements for your ecosystem, get workable Protection Profiles for your scheme, and design your proprietary security evaluation scheme.


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