Proprietary Scheme

Create trust in your industry’s product

You need to create trust in your industry’s product, but existing certification schemes won’t do. They take too long, cost too much, or ask for an inadequate level of security.

Trusted Labs supports you in defining your own proprietary scheme, so you can build the trust you need in your industry.


Proprietary Scheme in a Nutshell

Trusted Labs guides you in defining which criteria should be important in your scheme. We refine your needs, identifying what can be reused from existing schemes and what, if anything, should be adapted. Then we create a technical reference, defining which attacks should be used during evaluation and how to implement them.

Trusted Labs also defines the certification process, including:

High-level organization

  • e.g. Which organizations should be involved in evaluating and certifying, how do you grant accreditation to candidate evaluation laboratories, how do you guarantee independence?

Technical issues

  • e.g. What methodology should you use for evaluating products? How do you determine whether an evaluation is passed or failed? How do you make sure the tests can be reproduced?

Administrative details

  • e.g. How should the laboratories submit and register their evaluation? What format should they use for technical reports and the certificates?