Protection Profile

Do you need to define security requirements for a class of products, within the Common Criteria?

Developing a Protection Profile takes time and requires expertise from a neutral party. Trusted Labs has already developed over 20 Protection Profiles. As a trusted neutral party, we help industry consortia and service providers define Protection Profiles that build trust in their industry.


Protection Profile in a nutshell

Trusted Labs delivers a document that defines what security requirements a given class of products must meet in order to achieve a certain Evaluation Assurance Level within the Common Criteria certification scheme. We start by analyzing the functional aspects of a product, then meet with developers to reach consensus on the appropriate level of assurance EAL and security requirements.

Not sure which evaluation laboratories you can trust?

Once you get your Protection Profile, you may not be sure how to evaluate which laboratories you can entrust with product evaluation. Trusted Labs offers you a Test Vehicle to solve this problem.

Trusted Labs: world leader in scheme definition

Trusted Labs is the world leader in defining security certification schemes. Below is a list of the numerous Protection Profiles we have developed, maintained, and contributed to and which have been certified by ANSSI, the French Common Criteria certification authority.