Common Criteria

Trusted Labs makes it easier for you to get Common Criteria certification

How to avoid the pitfalls?

Common Criteria certification will foster trust in the product you want to launch. But getting this certification is time-consuming and costly. Without expert help, you risk spending thousands of dollars and many months, and still not getting your product certified.

Trusted Labs makes it easier to get Common Criteria certification on your first try. We manage full certification programs, from defining what needs to be evaluated right up to getting the certification. We know what it takes to get your products certified, and will accompany you through all the steps to get it.

Trusted Labs also provides tailored support including documentation, training, formal and semi-formal methods, and preparation for site inspections.


5 steps to certification success

What’s holding back your certification? Any of the following five barriers may be keeping you from getting your product certified. We enable you to overcome each of them.

1. I still have to develop the product. How do I develop it so it can pass certification?
By following Trusted Labs’ training courses, your developers will learn what the Common Criteria standard expects from their product.

2. I already have a product. What should I keep and what should I change in it so it can pass certification?
Trusted Labs’ gap analysis goes beyond pinpointing the difference between what you have in your product and what the Common Criteria require. We recommend corrective measures to cope with this gap.

3. The Common Criteria require a huge amount of documents following strict criteria. How do I handle this while keeping my resources available for other important projects?
Trusted Labs produces the documents for you, supplying all the evidences required. These documents cover development, testing, product guides, life-cycle management, and Security Targets.

4. Besides my product, my production site also needs to implement security processes. Which processes should I implement, and how?
Trusted Labs identifies the processes adapted to your site, and supports you in implementing them for both logical and physical security.

5. I have sent all the documents to the evaluation laboratory. What now?
Trusted Labs manages the project, following up and answering the questions that the evaluation laboratory inevitably has.