Tools & Training

Improved quality and reduced costs are two of the benefits we bring to our customers. We provide developers, evaluators, auditors and certification authorities with the means to facilitate security diagnosis, implementation and validation. For specific requirements, we also provide custom-made tools.



Cut months and headaches off writing and maintaining Protection Profiles and Security Targets – while making sure they comply with Common Criteria requirements.

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Make sure your source code complies with security rules, while keeping budget and lead-times under control.

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Perform your static analysis efficiently and effectively.

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Increase test coverage and minimize time spent writing test scripts and debugging tests.

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Whether you need to learn how to develop Java Card applets, add security to Java Card platforms, evaluate Java Card products, or learn about relevant technologies and standards; discover how formal methods can help you develop critical IT products, how to get Common Criteria certification, or how to use the advanced features of our tools, Trusted Labs’ training courses help you reach your aims.

Java Card Beginner

Do you need to develop Java Card applets for cards or M2M devices, but know nothing of Java Card?
This off-the-shelf training course teaches you how to write, compile, and deploy Java Card applications. Training lasts 2 days (mainly theory) or 3 days (one full day of practice), in groups of 2-10 people.

Java Card Secure Application Developer

Already developed Java Card applications but targeting security-sensitive markets?
This 2-day training course gives you the theoretical background you need in security. Trusted Labs tailors the course to your needs (e.g. how to balance security and performance, or elliptic curves).

Java Card Secure Platform Developer

Already developed platforms but new to Java Card and targeting a banking or Common Criteria certification? This theoretical training course teaches you what to look out for and what mistakes to avoid. It lasts 2-3 days.

Java Card Security for Evaluators

As a hardware-only evaluation laboratory, how can you start testing Java Card platforms? Or, as a certification body, how can you challenge the reports presented by evaluation laboratories?
This course combines theory and practice to teach you how to perform logical attacks to test Java Card platforms.

Formal Methods for Engineers

Do you want to understand if and how formal methods can help you enhance your IT products?
This two-day course will identify methods and tools based on formal methods that are useful in your field – whether to certify your product, improve product quality, or increase system security.

Common Criteria for Product Developers

Do you need a Common Criteria certification for your smart cards, TEEs, mobile operating systems, or mobile devices?
Whether you just have an idea, have defined the product architecture, or have already started development, this 3-day training course combines theory and practice so you can develop products that achieve certification. In practical sessions you will implement what you have learnt to see if your product meets Common Criteria requirements.


Have you bought a license for one of our tools and want to learn how to use its advanced features?–
In this 1-2 day training course you will get theory, practice, and the chance to play with the tool to master the advanced functionalities it provides. For example, learn how to use the certification language in TL CAT, or how to define rules in TL SAVE.


Want to learn about an aspect of IT security that’s not mentioned in this page? We’ll set up a training course to meet your needs.