Increase test coverage and minimize time spent writing test scripts and debugging tests.

Do you spend hours debugging system or unit tests, and then wonder if you have covered all possible scenarios?

Whether you test your own products or perform Common Criteria evaluation, with TL CAT –Trusted Labs Computer-Aided Testing– your headaches are over. Get a tool with a language designed for test generation, which makes it easy to write tests and increase coverage, while slashing the hours spent on debugging tests.


TL CAT in a nutshell

TL CAT is a software tool for writing test scripts and defining oracles. It can be used alone or with a complementary software module – known as TL TM (Trusted Labs Test Manager) – to execute the tests.

It is useful for you if you are:

  • A developer wanting to test your system;
  • A developer wanting to test your unit;
  • An evaluator testing a product for a Common Criteria evaluation.

Depending on your specific needs, you may choose between three levels of TL CAT use.

Level 3: Automatic generation of test scripts (based on test case patterns and variants)

Level 2: Support in defining oracles (by designing models of the application)

Level 1: Powerful test scripting (standard language constructs augmented by high-level features)

Added bonus 1: Get our smart card testing expertise

If the code you are testing is for smart cards, you get an added bonus. It took us years to develop our expertise in smart card testing; you get it in seconds. TL CAT comes with a library to communicate with GlobalPlatform-compliant cards, giving the expected results in the smart card world. Just call the GlobalPlatform API from your test script to compare the results with those delivered from your smart card code.


Added bonus 2: Get the traceability you need for security certification

You may be planning to get security certification for your code; or you may decide later that you need it. Either way, TL CAT will save you time and money by generating the traceability links and cross-coverage tables you need – whatever certification scheme you choose.

Even if you do not certify your code, you will still benefit by linking tests to objectives, and results to tests, to ensure a high-quality test campaign.


Added bonus 3 (if you get TL TM): Test cryptographic key agreement, with no external utilities

Do you need to check a smart card’s response to an encryption command? TL CAT’s responsive tests allow you to take into account the card’s responses, so you can test the entire logic of the card. This is because tests are executed online, so they can take into account test target responses during execution. This makes it easy to run unscriptable sequences (such as cryptographic key agreement) from inside your test script, without having to rely on external utilities.

This test execution environment, called TL Test Manager and licensed separately, offers a user-friendly Eclipse-based interface for managing test campaigns. Through this complementary tool, you can:

  • Execute tests selectively and incrementally;
  • Generate test reports;
  • Get quick results overview;
  • Manage anomalies.