Perform your static analysis efficiently and effectively.

When you evaluate, deploy, or certify binary code, how much time do you spend analyzing it to determine if it is trustworthy? And in the end, how sure you are it is?

TL SAT allows you to analyze your binary code in hours instead of days – while greatly improving your coverage and reducing errors.

TL SAT in a Nuthsell

TL SAT is a software tool that analyzes binary code to check whether it meets certain rules, which are in general security-related.

TL SAT is useful when you have access to applications but not the source code. For instance:

  • If you are an evaluation laboratory inspecting another party’s applications;
  • If you are a mobile operator auditing applications before deploying them to your end users.

TL SAT generates an html report including the result for each single rule. This report can also be exported to other formats.

4 Steps for trusted code

Whether you are evaluating, certifying, or about to deploy code to your customers, you should know if it behaves according to your expectations. TL SAT enables you to find this out in 4 simple steps:

1Define the rules
Choose form a set of standard rules, or define proprietary rules to load into the tool. Trusted Labs can develop specific rules for you, or help you define the ones you need.

2Launch the analysis
Just click a button and TL SAT will automatically analyze the code for you, ensuring full coverage and eliminating errors.

3Get the report
TL SAT generates a rule-by-rule report in html, which you can then export to other formats.

4Interpret the report
In most cases, the reports will be self-explanatory. In specific cases involving complex rules, you may need help to interpret the reports, or a complementary bytecode analysis. Trusted Labs offers these services, and can also help you conduct further analysis, if necessary.

  • Ready to automate your static analysis, but not sure which rules you need to check against?
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