Make sure your source code complies with security rules, while keeping budget and lead-times under control.

Increase code reliability, decrease time-to-market

When developing applications, you need to make sure your code complies with a given set of security rules. But as the code grows, this becomes increasingly complex. Trusted Labs’ Static Analysis Validation Engine – TL SAVE-  provides a fast, easy, and error-free way of checking that your code complies with security coding rules – whether these be standard rules imposed by the industry, or tailor-made rules for your company.


  • Check for compliance as you develop, for immediate feedback and correction before problems get out of hand.
  • The analysis only takes a few seconds.


  • Plug it into Eclipse, and enjoy the intuitive user interface.
  • Customize your analysis by specifying which rules you want to activate.
  • Check your code without having to port it onto a device.
    The code does not even need to be executed for the verification to take place


  • Eliminate human error through automatic compliance verifications.
  • Increase your chances of passing code evaluations.

TL SAVE in a nutshell

TL SAVE is a software tool for source code verification, working on both Java (e.g. Android™ applications) and Java Card source code. It is useful for you if you:

  • Are a product developer who needs to check that your code follows certain rules;
  • Validate code;
  • Perform security audits in view of a security certification.

TL SAVE automatically generates reports that can then be used for security certifications. It can also generate a report with specific recommendations on how to make your code comply with the rules.

Both plug & play rule sets (industry standards) and customizable rule sets are available.

Minimum configuration
• Windows XP
• 512 MB RAM
• Eclipse 3.5
• 1 CD/DVD drive for installation
• 1 USB port

Beyond security

TL SAVE checks for your code’s compliance to:

  • Security rules: Does your code protect sensitive data from identified threats?
  • Quality rules: Will others be able to read and understand your code, so it can be easily corrected and updated?
  • Safety rules: Is your code resilient to unexpected behavior and usage?


Added bonus: use TL SAVE smoothly

Trusted Labs offers you trainings, workshops, and corrective maintenance, so you can start – and continue – using TL SAVE smoothly and without hassles. We can also extend the tool to include additional rule sets.