Cut months and headaches off writing and maintaining Protection Profiles and Security Targets – while making sure they comply with Common Criteria requirements.

Do you spend months learning about Common Criteria, then writing your Protection Profiles or Security Targets – and still wonder whether these documents comply with the standard?

TL SET – Trusted Labs Security Editing Tool – allows you to write these documents more easily and quickly, while ensuring they comply with Common Criteria requirements.

Tired of poring over standards to learn how to write Protection Profiles or Security Targets?

With Trusted Labs Security Editing Tool – TL SET – you optimize your work and get better results.

TL SET structures the information in a simple graphical user interface, making it easy to understand each step of the process and to handle the input required to generate the documents.

It also comes with pre-defined libraries of functional and assurance requirements, so you can pick and choose the ones that apply to your products – or define new ones if necessary.

Do you wish you could halve the time you spend preparing security documents so you can shorten your products’ time-to-market? Or, if you’re writing Protection Profiles, do you wish you could get them out sooner?

With TL SET, you can do just that. The intuitive graphical user interface allows you to input information quickly; then you automatically generate documents from that information.

TL SET enables faster completeness checks.

If you’ve manually checked the traceability between Common Criteria components, you know how tough, time-consuming, and error-prone this step is.

TL SET simplifies and automates traceability, making this step quick, easy, and error-free.

You put in a lot of hard work creating your Protection Profile or Security Target – and then a new threat is found, meaning you have to add new objectives to cover those threats, new requirements to cover those objectives, and so on.Or perhaps you need to comply with a newer Common Criteria version.

TL SET facilitates all this. The impact of a new threat is easy to see, as you browse back and forth between the elements of the document. And because TL SET embeds the different versions of the Common Criteria specifications, migration from one version to another can be achieved smoothly.

TL SET in a nutshell

TL SET is a useful software tool for:

  • Industry bodies or major organizations who need to write Protection Profiles;
  • Designers, developers or manufacturers who need to write Security Targets.

Without TL SET, you have to write these documents manually, struggling with hundreds of pages of standards and cross-referenced documents that describe inter-dependent elements. The task of updating dependencies and coverage tables becomes extremely difficult under these conditions.

With TL SET, all the elements are structured as objects in a graphical user interface, and you can easily browse through them. If you change their names, these also change in the coverage matrices. If you remove them, they are also removed from the coverage matrices. Everything becomes easier – from writing the documents to checking for consistency.


Preparing for CSPN certification?

If you are preparing for a CSPN certification, you will need to get the full version of TL SET. This tool comes in two versions:

  • Basic TL SET: allows you to write, generate, and verify Protection Profiles and Security Targets for Common Criteria.
  • Full TL SET: Includes all the functionalities of the Basic version, PLUS the ability to extend them for CSPN security targets.


Pack more power into TL SET

Pack more power into your TL SET by getting our library of public Protection Profiles loaded into your tool. This makes TL SET even faster and simpler to use:

  • Developers can import an existing Protection Profile and create an associated Security Target that perfectly complies with it.
  • Evaluators can import and reuse specific components from existing Protection Profiles.


Do not know where to start?

If you know a little bit about the Common Criteria, TL SET will be intuitive. However, should you require support, Trusted Labs offers trainings on how to use TL SET.