August 3 , 2017 |

Trusted Labs to speak at Cyber Secure Car Japan

event-2017-cyber-secure-car-tokyoTelematics, connected infotainment or intra-vehicular communication, and tomorrow’s self-driving cars are re-shaping automotive information systems into a complex set of electronic components spread over various networks and subnetworks. This growth in connectivity increases risks with regards to passengers’ safety and privacy. Several broadly publicized examples have illustrated this over the past few years, resulting in millions of vehicle recalls.


frederic-urvoyFrédéric de Portzamparc, Automotive security expert, will speak about “Understanding the threat landscape and reducing risk” on Tuesday 26 september. You will learn about:

  • The landscape of the risks against a typical connected car architecture
  • How to mitigate those risks in particular in two different aspects of connected cars: system architecture and physical devices security.
  • Use-cases and attack scenarios on credential management applications implying cloud services, communication protocols, telematics components.
  • organizational and technical good practices to increase smart cars’ resilience various kinds of actors: car manufacturers, suppliers and aftermarket vendors

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